I've loved making people happy for as long as I can remember, but I never imagined it would be at the core of my career. Growing up I was involved with a variety of experiences: crafting and sewing with my Grandmother who use to make clothing for everyone in our family; doing construction and carpentry projects with my Dad and helping in his business; excelling in academics at school, especially math; and a passion for art and creative projects. I've also always had a desire to run my own business at some point in my life.  

In 2011 I was trying to learn how to take better photos of my 3 kids. Chasing toddlers around with a simple digital point and shoot camera taught me tons of patience and also how to anticipate the exact moment they made that cute face while playing (those things can take FOREVER to focus & fire!). I started getting better and my friends and family began to notice. Soon they were asking me to take photos for them. I just loved the excited reactions I got when parents saw photos I took of their kids. Then one day I saw tears of joy from a close friend and I was sold. So, in 2012 Alicia's Photography was born out of my desire to give that amazing feeling to others. 

Since then I've continued my education in every area - from the technical aspects to the creative side and more. I love working with people and helping their creative vision come to life. I just love to see the happy reactions, the surprised faces when the funny and unexpected photos come up, and the tears of joy I see. It's amazing to me still that I get the opportunity to give this kind of gift to others.

When I'm not doing photography I love to be outside, as long as it's not freezing - which is a bit tough here in Minnesota. I spend my time working on the yard here at the home studio, working in the giant vegetable garden my parents created to share with us, camping, fishing, swimming, and just generally enjoying the fresh air. Spending time with my family & friends is also very important to me; I'd be lost without those amazing relationships in my life. I volunteer when I can at church and school, as well as around the community. Giving back to the world that has given to me is definitely a priority to me. 

My life is one giant blessing and I want to share it with everyone I meet.


Schroeder Family, Christmas 2014